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Mallorca to become the first Green Hydrogen hub in Southern Europe.

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Enercy is proud to have contributed to bring this exciting flagship project called Green Hysland to life.

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) of the European Commission has selected the project Green Hysland in the Balearic Islands to start negotiations for an EU grant agreement valued at 10 million EUR what would constitute the second largest grant by this European Commission body to a green hydrogen project and the largest grant ever offered to a Mediterranean country.

In line with the new EU Hydrogen Strategy, Green Hysland will be the first Southern European Flagship project and it will create a ‘green hydrogen ecosystem’ in the Balearic Islands. Green Hysland will generate, distribute and use at least 300 tonnes of renewable hydrogen locally per year, produced from solar energy on the island of Mallorca. The project is also part of the "Hydrogen Road Map: a commitment to renewable hydrogen" recently approved by the Spanish Government, which will boost Spain as a technological benchmark in the production and use of renewable hydrogen, with a production capacity of 4 GW by 2030 and an estimated total investment of 8.9 billion EUR.

Green hydrogen will have multiple applications on the island, including the fuel supply to a fleet of fuel cell buses and fuel cell rental vehicles, the generation of heat and power for commercial and public buildings, the supply of auxiliary power for ferries and port operations and the creation of a hydrogen refuelling station. The project includes green hydrogen injection into the island's gas pipeline network, through a Guarantee of Origin System, to decarbonise the gas supply. The initiative requires a total investment of around 50 million EUR, including renewable electricity generation and equipment for green hydrogen end uses.


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