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Project Development & Acquisition of Funding.

You have an innovative idea for a green hydrogen project? We’ll help you turn the idea into a viable project, with financing, partners and the right timing – all in. 

Thanks to our wide network of partners from industry, finance, governmental institutions and civil society across Europe, North Africa and Asia you are sure to find the right partners with us. Contact us to have a free, informal chat about your idea to see if we can help you.

On top of that, navigating the jungle of national and EU Funding programmes can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. 

Luckily, our experts have 40 years+ of combined experience working inside the EU institutions, advising the European Commission as external experts and applying for EU funding.


If you would like help on:

  • developing your project concept

  • building your international project consortium

  • the acquisition of EU and national funding including the writing of funding proposals (bid writing)

get in touch with us today.

Examples of our EU Funding application successes:


GREEN HYSLAND project funding application

Together with our partner HyEnergy, we co-designed the technical and financial structure, and wrote the successful funding application for the Horizon 2020 GREEN HYSLAND project. A a result, we secured 10 million Euros of EU co-financing for this 50 million Euro Hydrogen Island  Flagship project for the Mallorca island community in Spain. 

HEAVENN project funding application

Together with our partner HyEnergy, we undertook the planning, development, writing and application delivery for the HEAVENN (H2 Energy Applications (in) Valley Environments (for) Northern Netherlands) project over a 6-month intensive collaboration period and managed to secure 20 million Euros of EU co-financing and design the technical and financial structure for this 90 million Euro landmark project. 

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