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Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our Strategic Advisory services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms and public authorities - and deliver lasting changes to your energy supply with measurable results for the reduction of your CO2 emissions.

We can help you devising a strategy for market access and market development for your green hydrogen product or service, including import/export of hydrogen and working in the framework of the European Important Projects of Common European Projects (IPCEI).


Please get in touch with us today to learn how ENERCY can help your future success.

Tech Project Design

Technical Project Design & Advice

Once the main objectives of a project are defined, it is time to look at the technical nitty gritty. That is why we provide Technical Project Design and advisory services for green hydrogen projects to make sure they stand the test of time.

Our highly experienced engineers can help you with tasks like:

  • Pre-feasibility studies

  • Technical due diligence

  • Definition of technical project specifications

  • Development of Business Models

  • Techno-Economic Assessments

Project Management

Project Management.

As experienced and PMI certified Project Managers we can help you successfully implement and coordinate your Energy Transition projects.

Some of our recent projects include:


Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe (EU-funded BIG HIT project), 2015-ongoing

We are responsible for the:

  • project planning and delivery, including the development of the EU-funded H2020 proposal (secured 5m€ grant; total project costs 11.9m€); 

  • technical project coordination and management of on-site project deployment activities; 

  • supporting UK and international dissemination activities.


Hydrogen Energy Applications in Valley Environments for Northern Netherlands (EU-funded HEAVENN project), January 2020 kick off

We are responsible for the:

  • technical project design and development, including the development of the EU-funded H2020 proposal (secured 20m€; total project costs 90m€); 

  • support of project coordination as Technical Project Lead; 

  • development of business and techno-economic models

  • support for the development of a regional roadmap and EU replication strategy.

Access to EU Funding

Project Development & Acquisition of Funding.

You have an innovative idea for a green hydrogen project? We’ll help you turn the idea into a viable project, with financing, partners and the right timing – all in. 

Thanks to our wide network of partners from industry, finance, governmental institutions and civil society across Europe, North Africa and Asia you are sure to find the right partners with us. Contact us to have a free, informal chat about your idea to see if we can help you.

On top of that, navigating the jungle of EU Funding programmes can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. 

Luckily, our experts have 40 years+ of combined experience working inside the EU institutions, advising the European Commission as external experts and applying for EU funding. So if you would like to get your project idea funded by the EU get in touch with us.

Our latest EU Funding application successes.

GREEN HYSLAND project funding application

Together with our partner HyEnergy, we undertook the planning, development, writing and application delivery for the GREEN HYSLAND Mallorca Hydrogen Island project over a 6-month intensive collaboration period and managed to secure 10 million Euros of EU co-financing and design the technical and financial structure for this 50 million Euro Flagship project. 

Capacity Building

Training & Skills Development

We firmly believe that education is key to moving the Energy Transition forward. That is why we are keen to share our expertise through training, skill-building and education programmes relating to the transition from a fossil-based to renewable-based energy systems, including capacity building for the implementation of energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Some of our recent projects include:

Training Social Entrepreneurs in the Circular Economy

We were commissioned to be the Trainers for the EU ENI “PAJE (Programme d’Appui Jeunesse Emploi)” programme in Algeria. We designed the Training on How to become a Social Entrepreneur in the Recycling & Circular Economy sector in Oran, the second largest city of Algeria, facilitated the training and produced a Guide for Entrepreneurs as well as a Training Kit on the topic of household, sanitary and industrial waste valorisation for young entrepreneurs.

Local training and skill-building for the implementation of hydrogen-based energy systems in local communities (BIG HIT project)

We have supported the design and delivery of training programmes for the local community in Orkney, as well as key stakeholders involved in the development of a local hydrogen economy (community end-users and local contractors, local authority staff, police, fire brigade and emergency response teams).

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