Our Aims

We believe that hydrogen will play a key role in delivering a clean sustainable future.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is a net-zero carbon world that is powered by the available natural resources and empowered by the involvement of its citizens.

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Our Mission

Enercy’s Mission is to enable the Sustainable Energy Transition and the Circular Economy.

We support businesses, civil society and public organisations to design, develop, raise funding and deliver Renewable Energy innovation projects.

We also create and share world-class knowledge on green hydrogen and biogas as key pillars of the Energy Transition and the Circular Economy.

Image by Brett Jordan
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Our Values

  1.  Integrity: We always aim to act with honesty and professionalism, and respect company policies.

  2. Collaboration:  We work with colleagues and partners to meet joint goals.

  3. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions both in team and individual projects.

  4. Social responsibility: We integrate social and environmental solutions to business operations.

  5.  Innovation: We implement new ideas to improve the business.

  6. Customer orientation: We maximise and maintain customer satisfaction.