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Hydrogen Valleys

We firmly believe that hydrogen will play a key role in delivering a clean sustainable future, and Hydrogen Valleys are key steps towards the creation of a net-zero emission economy.


What is a Hydrogen Valley?

A Hydrogen Valley is a localised area that promotes the production and use of green hydrogen, through the development of infrastructure and partnerships between industry, government, and local communities. They prioritise the use of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources in transportation, heat and power applications, and industrial processes, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable economic development. 


Hydrogen Islands

The concept of "Hydrogen Islands" builds on the idea of Hydrogen Valleys that are being deployed in several European regions (notably our projects "BIG HIT"  in the Orkney Islands and "HEAVENN" in the Northern Netherlands).

Very much like traditional Hydrogen Valleys, Hydrogen Islands develop green hydrogen ecoysystems that bring together H2 producers and users in the same geographical space - except that it's all happening on an island, such as in the first Southern European Hydrogen Island project "GREEN HYSLAND" in Mallorca, which we co-designed, successfully raised the EU funding for and are now busy implementing together with our 30 partners.

VR Games

The Future of Hydrogen Valleys

Moving forward, Hydrogen Valleys are essential key building blocks for building a European network of hydrogen hubs, which will be connected through the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) and virtual pipelines, thus creating an economy fuelled by green hydrogen and other renewable energy sources.

Keep up to date with the latest  Hydrogen Valley projects

Our approach to green hydrogen is rooted in research and collaboration. We work closely with our clients to understand your unique challenges and develop tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our Hydrogen Valley projects are a testament to our ability to create meaningful and lasting change through innovation and sustainability.

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