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A short Introduction

Are you developing a Hydrogen Valley project and need help with the technical project design or getting funding for your Valley?

A Hydrogen Valley is a localised area that promotes the production and use of green hydrogen, through the development of infrastructure and partnerships between industry, government, and local communities. They prioritise the use of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources in transportation, heat and power applications, and industrial processes, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable economic development.  

Hydrogen Valleys may vary in size and scope depending on local energy needs and resources. Some may focus on small-scale projects and the local use of hydrogen in mobility or households, while others may be larger and more export-oriented, with a focus on industrial uses of hydrogen or energy system balancing among other uses. Hydrogen valleys are design to accommodate local or regional needs.  

The deployment of Hydrogen Valleys can help to demonstrate the potential benefits of hydrogen-based energy systems: create new opportunities for economic growth, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, promote job creation, and contribute to the overall transition to a more sustainable energy system.  

By scaling up the production and use of green hydrogen and the demand for green hydrogen growth, Hydrogen Valleys can also promote EU energy independence by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and creating new economic opportunities for renewable energy industries and sustainable mobility in sectors as railways, aviation and shipping. 

Overall, the development of Hydrogen Valleys is a promising way to showcase the potential of hydrogen-based energy systems and to support the achievement of the EU's decarbonisation objectives. 




We can help!

Our Expert Team will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on preparing a funding application or creating the partnership and technical structure of the project through our Hydrogen Valley Helpdesk.

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