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Unlocking the Potential: Exploring the Legal and Financial Frameworks for the Hydrogen Economy in the EU

We are excited to announce that our latest journal article, "Hydrogen Valleys: Assessing the EU Legal and Financial Frameworks Enabling the Hydrogen Economy," has just been published by Edinburgh University Press in their journal "Global Energy Law and Sustainability".

In a world rapidly transitioning to sustainable energy solutions, this article delves into the critical topic of renewable hydrogen production in the European Union. To achieve the ambitious goal of 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen production by 2030, the EU has committed to doubling the number of hydrogen 'valleys.' These hydrogen valleys are key to accelerating the shift from natural gas to renewable hydrogen and driving the decarbonization of challenging economic sectors.

The article reviews ongoing efforts to establish a regulatory framework for this transition and the definition of renewable hydrogen. As a strategic net-zero industry, renewable hydrogen is set to thrive in hydrogen valleys, where energy production and multiple uses converge. This endeavor requires substantial EU financial support until renewable hydrogen matures and competes with today's fossil-based alternatives.

Hydrogen valleys represent a no-regret option, encompassing renewable energy production, repurposed gas infrastructure, electricity grids, and batteries. Successfully implemented, they hold the promise of enhancing renewable hydrogen production and industry and transport decarbonization.

The article has been co-authored by Ernesto Bonafé, Katharina Bouchaar and Marco Conte. To explore the article further and to learn more about the legal and financial frameworks shaping the future of renewable hydrogen in the EU you can access the full article here.


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