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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance launched

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was launched in July 2020 and is supporting the EU to build its global leadership on green hydrogen. Enercy has just joined the Alliance to contribute to the cause of bringing clean energy to European household and industry.

"Working towards the objective of climate-neutrality in the EU by 2050, the European Clean

Hydrogen Alliance aims at developing and deploying hydrogen1 as a viable and competitive energy carrier in Europe. The Alliance supports the implementation of the hydrogen strategy for a climateneutral Europe, by working towards developing a full and accessible EU wide hydrogen value chain.

This will be achieved, among others, through an investment agenda and a pipeline of projects, as well as through mobilising resources and actors to install at least 6 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers in the EU by 2024 and 40 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers by 2030." (Source)


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