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Tatiana BLOCK

Senior Hydrogen Project Engineer

Tatiana is a highly skilled energy sector professional with 20 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. She has worked in multinational operating and consulting companies in exploration activities, field development planning and mature assets management. Capital and operational projects management, technical & economic feasibility assessments, and young energy professionals’ development were among her responsibilities in her professional path.
Tatiana’s new career focus is to continue her contribution to society as an energy sector professional with a broader concept of sustainability while keeping her commercial mindset which has been a key success factor when supporting businesses growth and customers in her previous roles as staff or consultant.
She is passionate about renewable energy and decarbonisation of energy intensive industries for climate change mitigation. Her drive is to realize the potential of hydrogen as an energy system balance medium, as an energy carrier for mobility, and its applications for different heating processes. Green hydrogen has been an area of interest to Tatiana due to her technical and energy business background.
Tatiana holds a European MSc degree in Sustainable Energy Systems Management from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, with a specialization in Energy Systems Innovation Management. She also has a BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and has good knowledge of the Dutch language.

Tatiana BLOCK
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